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Some of our popular blog posts:

7 min read
Selling the Hype: Coding Sentiment Analysis for Stock Market News in 4 STEPS

Writing code that automatically finds worthy stock market insights and detects hype in news coverage at scale (in Python 🐍)

8 min read
A LOOK BACK: 1 year of analyzing stock market news 📰

A 3 part story about how this newsletter began, how it's gone, and what's next...

11 min read
Best & Worst Semiconductor Stocks to Buy in 2022 (Based on News Sentiment) 📰

We synthesized 10,000 finance articles written about the semiconductor industry to find out which chip stocks...

A few of our recent roundups:

6 min read

Stock market news sentiment was relatively mixed as we come to the close of second-quarter 2022. We take a look back and discuss what to expect for the remainder of the year...

8 min read

US markets are falling off their bike this week, as news sentiment reaches considerably bearish levels. We dive into sentiment surrounding Chevron, Coinbase, and Pinterest

7 min read

Stock market news sentiment took a nose dive after Friday's CPI inflation reading. We talk about what to expect next for the market, and dive into a few diverse topics (baby food? credit card fees?)

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