Customized alerts for stock news.

Customized alerts for stock news are a valuable tool for investors looking to stay informed about events that could impact their investments. In a recent demo, Ramsey, the founder of Uptrends, introduced a new and improved alerts feature that allows users to set personalized criteria for the types of news events they want to be notified about.

Ramsey demonstrates how easy it is to create a new alert on the Uptrends platform. Users can select specific stocks or groups of stocks that they are interested in, such as popular companies like Amazon, Apple, and NVIDIA. They can also choose from a variety of event types, ranging from bankruptcy rumors to FDA approvals. This allows users to tailor their alerts to their specific interests and investment strategies.

One of the key features of the alerts is the ability to set the frequency of notifications. Users can choose to receive alerts in real time, daily, or weekly, depending on their preferences. This allows investors to stay up to date on important news without being overwhelmed by constant notifications.

Once an alert is set, users will receive an email with a summary of the event, links to the sources, and a label for the type of alert. This makes it easy for investors to quickly assess the impact of the news on their investments and take appropriate action.

Overall, customized alerts for stock news are a valuable tool for investors looking to stay informed and make informed decisions about their investments. By setting personalized criteria and frequency preferences, users can ensure that they are receiving relevant and timely information that can help them navigate the complex world of stock market investing.