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February 14, 2022

Take control of your investment research with automated financial sentiment insights

Today, online conversation drives market outcomes more than ever before. In the age news abundance, good insight can be hard to uncover. That's why our news sentiment analyzer combs the internet examining thousands of finance articles each day -- to distill sentiment trends and synthesize important news events, so you know which stocks to follow and which sources to trust.

Real-Time Market Mood

Gauge the overall sentiment of the market in real-time over the past day, week, or month across tickers and publishers.

High-Quality Ticker Sentiment

Our AI aspect-based sentiment is custom built to finance language, meaning greater accuracy and greater foresight.

Accredited Publishers and Sources

We screen out spam and articles written by bots so you you can focus your attention on the articles that matter.

Price Comparison & Event Recognition

Our analyzer tracks each ticker's sentiment vs. price tand and helps you recognize impactful news events.

"To me what's important is strong news and volume. I used to get F.O.M.O. pre-market, now I just wait for news and then make my plays"

FinTwit Millionaire

“As someone that can't spend a lot of time reading financial articles about potential investments, Babbl has been very beneficial in gauging the sentiment of different companies in the news”

Beta User

“Babbl's sentiment analysis has helped me curate my portfolio and due diligence”

Financial Analyst

“This was a great tool for gaining sentiment on some stocks I've been looking at. Professionally done and easy to consume. I would highly recommend!”

Beta User

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