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These 10 stocks have seen a major increase in online chatter so far in 2024, here’s how you can take advantage of their shifting sentiment:

1. ANI Pharmaceuticals (ANIP)

Mentions Increase: +1800% YTD

Stock Price Change: +15.4% YTD

News Sentiment: Very Bullish 🟢

Company Description

ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a bio-pharmaceutical company, which engages in developing, manufacturing, and marketing branded and generic prescription pharmaceuticals. ANIP s focused on developing and manufacturing niche oncology products (anti-cancer).

Why’s ANI Surging?

ANI stock first gained notable online following after reporting stellar Q4 2024 earnings numbers on February 29th 2024. Revenues were reported at a 39.7% increase year-over-year, propelled by the company’s Rare Disease business (particularly its Purified Cortrophin Gel asset), which delivered a remarkable 137.3% increase in net revenues. ANI projects year-over-year growth of 52-62% on Purified Cortrophin Gel sales through the rest of 2024.

2. Nextdoor Holdings (KIND)

Mentions Increase: +1700% YTD

Stock Price Change: +17% YTD

News Sentiment: Bearish 🔴

Company Description:

Nextdoor is a neighborhood network that connects neighborhood stakeholders, including neighbors, businesses and public services, online and in real life. Neighbors and organizations include small and mid-sized businesses, brands, public agencies, and nonprofits, around the world.

Why’s NextDoor Surging?

Nextdoor is a post-SPAC stock that fell out of the spotlight last year after falling -70% in share price after officially going public. Outside a few less noteworthy events earlier in the year, Nextdoor has recently been thrust back into online chatter for all the wrong reasons: a major class action lawsuit alleging securities fraud. The lawsuit claims Nextdoor made false and misleading statements about revenue prospects back in 2021-2022. The stock is at extremely low valuations currently, making it deal if you believe it can rise from the ashes.

3. New York Community Bankcorb (NYCB)

Mentions Increase: +760% YTD

Stock Price Change: -70%  

News Sentiment: Very Bearish 🔴

Company Description

New York Community Bancorp. operates as the bank holding company for Community National Bank that provides a range of retail banking services to residents, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and municipalities. It provides various consumer banking products and services, including checking accounts, savings programs, ATMs, debit/credit cards, and night deposit facilities, as well as online, mobile, and telephone banking.

Why’s NYCB Surging?

The company reported its worse earnings on record at the end of January, swinging to a loss and slashing quarterly dividends in a show of serious struggle trying to recuperate losses brought on by its acquisition of  the collapsed Signature Bank last year. NYCB has faced scrutiny from banking regulators including a $2.4B charge to write down goodwill and identified weakness in its loan review process. Investors should be aware of these challenges and uncertainties in NYCB’s risk-management framework looking ahead.

4. Chemours Co. (CC)

Mentions Increase: +550% YTD

Stock Price Change: -17% YTD

News Sentiment: Bearish 🔴

Company Description

Chemours Co. is a holding company engaged in the provision of performance chemicals. Its segments include Titanium Technologies, Thermal & Specialized Solutions, and Advanced Performance Materials. Titanium Technologies segment is a provider of titanium dioxide pigment, a premium white pigment used to deliver whiteness, brightness, opacity, and protection in various applications. The Thermal & Specialized Solutions segment is a provider of refrigerants, thermal management solutions, propellants, blowing agents, and specialty solvents.

Why’s Chemours Surging?

Chemours Co. is another stock trending for all the wrong reasons. The company burst into the news in February 2024 after postponing its quarterly earnings report two weeks in a shady debacle of financial reporting. The company then missed all earnings estimates when it finally reported on February 28th, leading to a slew of major class action lawsuits alleging securities fraud. CC investors have until May 20th to seek financial compensation.

5. Avangrid (AGR)

Mentions Increase: +425% YTD

Stock Price Change: +10% YTD  

News Sentiment: Neutral 🟡

Company Description

Avangrid, Inc. engages in energy transmission and gas distribution. Avangrid Networks owns approximately eight electric and natural gas utilities, serving customers in New York and New England. Avangrid Renewables owns and operates approximately 9.2 gigawatts of electricity capacity, primarily through wind and solar power, with a presence in 22 states across the United States. The firm operates through two segments: Networks and Renewables.

Why’s Avandgrid Surging?

After reporting positive Q4 earnings in Late February (increasing its bottom line by +149%), Avandgrid made major headlines on March 7th when the company received a major proposal from its majority stakeholder Iberdrola (IBDSF) to take the company private. The bid would result in Iberdrola acquiring all remaining outstanding shares of AGR it doesn’t own (roughly 18.4% of the company’s stock). Avangrid is said to be still considering the offer, and short interest in the company has risen by 5.9% throughout the month of April.

6. Hyatt Hotels (H)

Mentions Increase: +422% YTD

Stock Price Change: +13% YTD

News Sentiment: Bullish 🟢

Company Description

Hyatt Hotels operates as a hospitality company in the United States and internationally. It operates through four segments: Owned and Leased Hotels, Americas Management and Franchising, ASPAC Management and Franchising, and EAME/SW Asia Management and Franchising. It operates its properties under brands like the Park Hyatt, Miraval, Grand Hyatt, Alila, Andaz, Destination, and Hyatt Resorts brands. As of March 15, 2021, the company's hotel portfolio consisted of approximately 1000 hotels.

Why’s Hyatt Surging?

Hyatt first made major headlines in 2024 after posting strong Q4 earnings results at the end of February, leading to a string of stock ratings upgrades from major outlets like Macquarie. Hyatt then reached an all-time high price in March above $70 per share on strong momentum in the travel industry. Hyatt has grown its pipeline to 127,000 new rooms over the past year (+40%) and plans to sell $2B of property throughout 2024, a major reason investors are now paying attention to the company.

7. SoundHound AI (SOUN)

Mentions Increase (YTD): +18%

Stock Price Change: +387% YTD

News Sentiment: Bullish

Company Description

SoundHound’s Houndify platform is a Voice AI platform that combines advanced AI with engineering expertise to help brands build conversational voice assistants. The suite of Houndify tools includes application programming interfaces (API) for text and voice queries, support for custom commands, an extensive library of content domains, inclusive Software Development Kit platforms, collaboration capabilities, diagnostic tools, and built-in analytics.

Why’s SoundHound Surging?

After years spent under the radar and pivoting its business model, SoundHound burst back onto the scene at the end of February when it was revealed that Nvidia had taken a major stake in the company. While the company is still shy of being cash-flow positive, recent deals to equip fast food drive thru chains with Voice AI technology have brought forth a clearer path to long-term growth, which has gotten investors excited in recent months.

8. Burlington Stores (BURL)

Mentions Increase: +272% YTD

Stock Price Change: -8.67% YTD

News Sentiment: Bullish

Company Description:

Burlington Stores, Inc. operates as a retailer of branded apparel products in the United States. The company offers fashion-focused merchandise, including women's ready-to-wear apparel, menswear, youth apparel, footwear, accessories, toys, gifts, and coats, as well as baby, home, and beauty products. As of March 4, 2021, the company operated 761 stores in 45 states and Puerto Rico primarily under the name Burlington Stores.

Why's Burlington Surging?

After sliding into 2024 down more than 70% in share price from its 2021 peak, Burlington Stores has made a solid recovery on the back of momentous earnings reported in early March. The Q4 call revealed 13.9% revenue growth and a major decline in reserve inventories to 39%. This climb led to a string of insider sells by Burlington execs, leading to more interest in online conversation as investor expect BURL to remain a solid prospective growth stock.


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