The world moves fast in 2024. And in the world of stock market investing, information is king. More than ever before, news catalyzes market outcomes, making the art of staying informed as critical as it's ever been.

But with millions of news stories published each week, and countless news outlets vying for your attention, it can be overwhelming to determine which sources to rely on for your info. In part, the art of staying informed has become more a game of knowing *where* to look.

So today we decided it would be helpful to explore today's landscape of stock market news, and analyze the top news outlets objectively. So without further ado, here's a comprehensive list of the top 25 finance news sites in the US in 2024.

Let's get it.

Top 25 Finance News Sites of 2024

First, some context. This list of the top 25 finance news sites in 2024 is ranked in terms of monthly site traffic (data as of March 24) as recorded by We chose to rank this list in terms of monthly traffic because this seems to be one of the more egalitarian and objective metrics by which to gauge the importance of a news outlet.

Here's the full list:

DOW 30 (2)

Plenty of familiar faces on this list (and frankly some surprises too).

Below we'll dive into these outlets. Each description includes important metrics like monthly site traffic, backlinks (ie. number of other websites directly linking to it, a good measure of authority), Twitter followers, and a description of the site's content specialty.

Below we'll dive into these outlets. Each description includes important metrics like monthly site traffic, backlinks (ie. number of other websites directly linking to it, a good measure of authority), Twitter followers, and a description of the site's content specialty.

#1 Forbes


Monthly Traffic: 72,800,000 🏆

Backlinks: 62,600,000

Twitter Followers: 19,900,000

Forbes is the grand-daddy of money magazines, so it makes sense that it comes out at the top of the list. Forbes is popular not only for finance news, but for its billionaire and lifestyle lists like the Forbes 400. It's got a bit of everything -- market trends, investment tips, etc. Forbes has been around more than 100 years (we're talking 1917), and it's somehow still schooling everyone on how to blend financial chops with flashy listicles (like this one!)

#2 Yahoo Finance


Monthly Traffic: 55,900,000

Backlinks: 333,000,000 🏆

Twitter Followers: 1,700,000

Ahhh, Yahoo Finance, the old reliable of market news. Yahoo Finance is the most linked-to site on this list BY FAR, and it shouldn't be any surprise. It's basic, simple and consistent -- not overly clickbaity or overly analytical. If you want to know 'what happened to stock XYZ today', odds are you'll read it in a Yahoo Finance article.



Monthly Traffic: 25,400,000

Backlinks: 36,000,000

Twitter Followers: 5,200,000

If Yahoo Finance is the old steady hand, you can think of CNBC as the Wall Street reality show you didn't know you needed. CNBC is all about real-time market drama, complete with colorful commentary and all the charts you can handle from personalities like Jim Cramer.  They've been keeping it lively since 1989, turning financial news into a spectator sport.

#4 Business Insider


Monthly Traffic: 23,900,000

Backlinks: 47,600,000

Twitter Followers: 4,000,000

I consider Business Insider to be the millennial of money news -- kinda hip, kinda techy, and always talking about "what's next". Business Insider is one of the youngest publishers this far up on the list. It burst onto the scene in 2007 and hasn't looked back since, diving deep into everything from Elon's latest tweets to Wall Street's wild rides. It's fun, a bit cheeky, sometimes a bit controversial, and more likely to focus on alternative assets like Bitcoin than the rest of this list.

#5 MarketWatch


Monthly Traffic: 23,500,000

Backlinks: 29,200,000

Twitter Followers: 4,500,000

I'd put MarketWatch somewhere in between Yahoo Finance and CNBC on the drama vs. data scale (probably a bit closer to Yahoo Finance tbh). Publishing since 1997, MarketWatch is like the kinda-cool nerds of stock market news, chucking out hot takes on stocks with a side of sage advice for your savings. For me it's the place I go when I want my financial news fast and fresh (one of my personal fav's)

#6 Reuters


Monthly Traffic: 17,800,000

Backlinks: 140,000,000

Twitter Followers: 25,700,000 🏆

Reuters serves financial news with the straightest-possible face and a large amount of clout. They've been in the business longer than anyone on this list (talking like 1851) and despite their age have also managed to pull in more Twitter followers than anyone else. Expect a no-nonsense buffet of global market insights, all with that classic journalistic spice they're known for. If there's one word to describe Reuters, it's: sturdy (and reliable is a close second)

#7 Bloomberg


Monthly Traffic: 15,600,000

Backlinks: 105,000,000

Twitter Followers: 9,400,000

Bloomberg's got that sleek, high-tech vibe, with a dash of Wall Street swagger. If data were a currency, Bloomberg would be printing it, offering a powerhouse of analytics, insights, and terminal trivia since the 1980s. It's the site you bookmark when you mean business—and your business is money.

#8 Nasdaq


Monthly Traffic: 8,800,000

Backlinks: 29,800,000

Twitter Followers: 117,400

Nasdaq's not just a list of tech tickers—it's a deep dive into the heart of market innovation. With roots in the exchange game since '71, it's the home base for market mavens who want their stock news with a side of Silicon Valley spice. It's where charts meet chats, turning tech trends into investment insights.

#9 WSJ (Wall Street Journal)


Monthly Traffic: 8,200,000

Backlinks: 68,300,000

Twitter Followers: 20,600,000

The Wall Street Journal is like that exclusive club everyone wants to be part of—stuffy, maybe, but oh-so-smart. Since the 1880s, it's been dishing out economic analyses with a side of financial gravitas. It's a heavyweight that delivers punchy insights and serious stock talks that readers can bank on.

#10 Motley Fool


Monthly Traffic: 6,300,000

Backlinks: 10,300,000

Twitter Followers: 866,900

Welcome to the Motley Fool, where investing is a mix of fun, finesse, and fearless forecasts. Since the early '90s, it's been the go-to for those looking to add some pep to their portfolio talk. It's the cool, slightly eccentric professor of the financial news realm, turning the market maze into a funhouse of opportunity.

#11 Barron's


Monthly Traffic: 5,400,000

Backlinks: 5,100,000

Twitter Followers: 329,900

Barron's offers seasoned financial insights and in-depth analysis, catering to a readership seeking a comprehensive understanding of the market's movements. Established in 1921, Barron's has built its reputation on delivering sophisticated commentary and detailed investment strategies, making it a cornerstone publication for serious investors.

#12 SmartAsset


Monthly Traffic: 4,400,000

Backlinks: 1,400,000

Twitter Followers: 44,600

SmartAsset appeals to individuals looking for personalized financial advice and tools. Known for its approachable content on personal finance, from tax strategies to retirement planning, SmartAsset simplifies complex financial decisions with interactive calculators and data-driven content, helping readers make informed financial choices since 2012.

#13 IBD (Investor's Business Daily)


Monthly Traffic: 3,700,000

Backlinks: 10,400,000

Twitter Followers: 346,500

Investor's Business Daily stands as a comprehensive source for stock market news, analysis, and powerful investing tools. Since its inception in 1984, IBD has been empowering investors with its CAN SLIM investing system, offering a blend of actionable data and robust analysis for individuals looking to actively manage their investments.

#14 Fortune


Monthly Traffic: 3,000,000

Backlinks: 9,400,000

Twitter Followers: 2,300,000

Fortune is well-regarded for its wide-ranging business coverage and iconic lists, including the Fortune 500. Launched in 1929, Fortune distinguishes itself with in-depth reporting on everything from corporate culture to global business trends, offering a treasure trove of insights for a readership interested in the larger economic picture.

#15 Financial Times


Monthly Traffic: 2,700,000

Backlinks: 33,800,000

Twitter Followers: 7,500,000

The Financial Times, with its distinctive salmon-hued pages, has been a bastion of economic journalism since 1888. Renowned for its global perspective, FT provides incisive financial reporting and analysis that caters to a high-level international audience. Its rigorous coverage of market movements and economic policy is valued by readers seeking a broad and nuanced understanding of financial landscapes.

#16 Morningstar


Monthly Traffic: 2,000,000

Backlinks: 7,400,000

Twitter Followers: 202,100

Morningstar is esteemed in the investment community for its robust analysis and expansive data on a wide array of investment offerings, including mutual funds and stocks. Known for its star rating system, Morningstar has been an authoritative voice since 1984, providing thorough research tools and reports that support individual and professional investors in making well-informed financial decisions.

#17 Kiplinger


Monthly Traffic: 1,900,000

Backlinks: 1,700,000

Twitter Followers: 56,300

Kiplinger offers a blend of personal finance advice and business forecasts that are both practical and understandable. With a history dating back to 1920, Kiplinger has long been a reliable source for those looking to manage their personal and business finances effectively, providing clear, actionable advice through its magazines and online content.

#18 Seeking Alpha


Monthly Traffic: 1,700,000

Backlinks: 16,800,000

Twitter Followers: 252,900

Seeking Alpha sets itself apart with crowd-sourced content, offering a platform where market analysts, traders, and investors share insights and debate stock-related issues. Since 2004, Seeking Alpha has grown into a large community of contributors, providing a diverse range of perspectives on stocks, investment strategies, and market trends, appealing to readers who appreciate a multi-angled view of investing.

#19 Stocktwits


Monthly Traffic: 1,600,000

Backlinks: 18,000,000

Twitter Followers: 1,000,000

Stocktwits is known for its unique approach to financial communication, combining elements of social media with stock market insights. Founded in 2009, it's a hub for traders and investors to share real-time thoughts and strategies on market movements, creating a dynamic and interactive platform that resonates with the social-savvy investor.

#20 TheStreet


Monthly Traffic: 1,600,000

Backlinks: 4,700,000

Twitter Followers: 848,900

TheStreet offers financial news and analysis with an edge, presenting in-depth market commentary and resources for every level of investor. Founded by Jim Cramer in 1996, TheStreet has built a reputation for its lively analysis and accessible investment advice, making it a respected source for those seeking to understand and navigate the complexities of the financial markets.

#21 Barchart


Monthly Traffic: 1,500,000

Backlinks: 55,800,000

Twitter Followers: 176,500

Barchart is the go-to resource for traders who thrive on technical analysis and trend-spotting in real-time. Since its inception, Barchart has been providing investors with comprehensive market data, charts, and analysis tools, becoming a favorite for those who value detailed technical information and up-to-the-minute commodity prices, critical for making timely trading decisions.

#22 The Balance


Monthly Traffic: 1,500,000

Backlinks: 2,200,000

Twitter Followers: 19,000

The Balance breaks down complex financial concepts into easy-to-understand articles. Launched as part of the Dotdash (formerly network, The Balance leans on a team of financial experts and seasoned writers to deliver clear, practical advice on managing money, investing, and everything in between, making it especially useful for everyday decision-making.

#23 FXStreet


Monthly Traffic: 1,200,000

Backlinks: 2,300,000

Twitter Followers: 263,200

FXStreet is a premier site for foreign exchange trading enthusiasts, providing real-time exchange rates, charts, and an economic calendar. Founded in 2000, FXStreet caters to the needs of the international trading community by offering timely currency analysis, forecasts, and trading signals, appreciated by readers who demand specialist knowledge and up-to-date resources in the volatile forex market.

#24 Benzinga


Monthly Traffic: 1,000,000

Backlinks: 7,300,000

Twitter Followers: 272,400

Benzinga is known for its fast-paced, actionable financial news and analysis aimed at traders and investors looking for an edge. Established in 2010, Benzinga has quickly made a name for itself with its market-moving exclusives and real-time news service, appealing to readers who want to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-changing world of finance and investments.

#25 Financial Review


Monthly Traffic: 1,000,000

Backlinks: 4,700,000

Twitter Followers: 353,100

The Australian Financial Review, known colloquially as the Financial Review or AFR, is the must-read for financial aficionados down under. Established in 1951, it's lauded for its incisive coverage of Australian business, finance, and investment news, and has become a staple in the country's financial community, respected for its authoritative analysis on corporate affairs, market trends, and economic policy.

Bonus: Social vs. Website Traffic

How does website traffic compare to social traffic? It's no secret that today in 2024 more people get their news from social media than ever before. We plotted out the monthly site traffic vs. Twitter followers for each of the top 25 news outlets, here are the results:

Untitled (400 x 250 px) (Video) (2)

As you can see, the results are relatively uniform. Large website traffic generally seems to correlate with more Twitter followers. What's interesting to me is the exceptions.

For example, the Wall Street Journal is one of the only outlets in the top 25 with more Twitter followers than monthly site visits -- a signal that it's been leaning more into a social media presence. Perhaps its more story-drive tone plays into this.

By contrast, more data-driven outlets like Nasdaq, SmartAsset, and TheBalance have way more monthly site visits than Twitter followers, suggesting that readers are more likely to visit website than Twitter when it comes to quantitative analysis.