Babbl is partnering with Bullish Rippers

Ramsey Shaffer

Babbl Cofounder & CEO

January 9, 2023

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Babbl is partnering with Bullish Rippers 🦝

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with renowned stock market blog Bullish Rippers to incorporate our news sentiment insights into their weekly newsletter!

Bullish is a stock market report written by StockMKTNewz -Evan and produced by Bullish Studio, with a subscriber base of tens of thousands of individual investors. Their weekly report recaps the biggest trends, topics, & events on the market each week.

Starting the week of January 7th, these recaps will include a dedicated section from Babbl, summarizing the overall sentiment (aka ‘mood’) of market conversation, amongst other insights. The partnership will take place throughout the first quarter of 2023. And of course… it’s 100% free.

Weekly sections will include things like:

  • highlights of overall market news sentiment
  • trending tickers (ie. most-mentioned, most bullish, most bearish)
  • top-mentioned topics & events across news, Twitter, & Reddit

example section report

This is a major milestone for Babbl, as our first partnership deal of any kind. We’re proud to be collaborating with such a group of like-minded young folks who share our mission of empowering DIY investors to do their best market research.

Check out the first weekly edition here.


Ramsey, Babbl CEO

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